behind PdfTrick...

PdfTrick is project started in January 2014 and entirely developed by me. It’s free, open source and works on Windows and Mac, only requires Java jvm 1.8 (or higher) installed.
I’m Gian Luca Mori, a software developer with great passion for coding, art and creativeness.
I hope PdfTrick may be useful for someone who needs to extract images from pdf files in a simple graphical way, without resorting to commercial software.
Very special thanks goes to Alan Rei Wilmeth (, who drew the beautiful PdfTrick logo!!!
I really appreciate suggestions and bug reports to improve PdfTrick and add new functionality to future releases. You can contact me through the Contact page.
If you like PdfTrick and find it useful, and you have a big heart, you can support this project by donating as much as you want, simply by clicking the Donate or Flattr button on the Home page.

You can also follow PdfTrick on Facebook and Twitter.